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How Bliss Began

Myra and Joey. Joey and Myra. The internet knew the pair as a packaged deal.
The two met through blogging in 2012, and a virtual friendship quickly developed. The girls spoke daily–each becoming the other’s most trusted confidant and enthusiastic supporter.
So when Joey decided to start a business, Myra, without question or doubt, was in her corner. Joey consulted Myra daily despite the fact that there was an ocean between them. And as it went, it wasn’t long before Joey asked Myra to be her business partner. 
After almost 2 years of multiple weekly meetings, hilarious conversations, and working together daily, Joey decided to end her time with Bliss in order to pursue new opportunities. Meanwhile, Myra is still with the company and hopes to continue watching it flourish as it helps other business owners find their voice and tell their story! 

Myra Aslam

Owner | CEO

As a business management and accounting major, Myra never expected that she’d suddenly find herself engrossed in and loving the the world of content development and social media. While blogging began as a hobby, it quickly became a major part of her life — especially when she moved overseas and began life as an expat. Over the past 8 years, Myra has cultivated a strong understanding of how to weave together an individual’s personality with the story they want to tell into an authentic online presence.

When she’s not behind the screen of her computer, you’ll find her chasing her toddler around the house, binging a new Netflix show with her husband, Amir, or pouring over Pinterest for the next change she wants to make to her hair!


Whitney Hough

Community Relations

Whitney Hough is a communications professional with a specialization in social media. Through her experience in marketing and public relations over the past six years, she has developed an keen understanding of the relationship between influencers and brands.


Whitney graduated from Winthrop University with a degree in Integrated Marketing Communication and is currently working on her masters degree in Arts Administration. She lives in Fort Mill, SC, enjoys attending concerts, playing with her pups, and channelling her inner geek at the occasional comic con with her nerdy husband Nick.

Kelly Sweet


Coming soon! 

Kseniya Martin

Social Media Strategist

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